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Acupuncture for eczema

Acupuncture for eczema


Eczema is a common epidermis and superficial dermis inflammatory skin disease caused by a variety of internal and external factors. Generally, it is believed that there is a certain relationship with allergy. Symmetry, oozing, and itching are symptoms, and its clinical manifestations are multiform and recurrent. Also a kind of allergic inflammatory skin rash diversity symmetrical distribution of repeated episodes of intense itching, easily evolve into chronic characterized. Can occur at any age, any part, in any season, but often relapse in the winter or exacerbate exudation tendency, a chronic course, and easily recurrent.


It generally believed that the occurrence of eczema has a close relationship between genetic factors, the body's immune functions, surrounding environment, diet, mood, tiredness, climate, and as well as some drugs.


Western medicine treatment of eczema is cured rash antipruritic stopgap, this means commonly using steroid creams and ointments. These treatments have some effect, but do not solve the fundamental problem, once you stop using the medications, eczema has a high chance of recurring. There are also a lot of side effects to taking steroids, such as moon face, buffalo hump, femoral head damage; all are side effects that most people do not want.


TCM treatment of eczema has its own advantage, it can fundamentally change the immune function of the body. This not only cures the rash to prevent itching, but it can also control the eczema to prevent recurrence. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the disease is mainly associated with dampness, wet mixed heat, which leads to damp heat and injury to the spleen, heat also consumes the blood, and ultimately may cause eczema with any of these deficient symptoms. More common in damp heat that causes acute eczema and chronic eczema. Internal medicine and external topical should be used as treatments together.


The acute phase of an integrated therapy combines acupuncture, Chinese Herbs with their preparation Herb wash and ointment which are applied at the same time Then the majority of the eczema can be controlled within a month. This involves using Chinese Herbs that treat the chronic phase, it generally takes more than three months. Acupuncture, internal medicine, or topical lotion and ointment are founded by the famous teacher and Chinese medical scientist, Professor Qiu Maoliang, and according to the specific circumstances of the patient's dialectical dispensing, years of experience has shown that this series of treatment methods in the clinical good results. The specific method is simple: for acute phases, use acupuncture twice a week, and Chinese medicine orally twice a day, also wash the rashes 1-2 times a day, and apply topical creams 2-3 times a day, usually within one month to the control; chronic phase oral medicine about three months or so.


A male, 32 years old, suffering from eczema for 20 years. Throughout the nape of the neck, abdomen, legs outside of repeated attacks. Attack the skin papules develop into severe exudate, dry, crusted, rough hypertrophy and rip, and accompanied by the terrible itch, scratch bloodied, particularly at night itching difficulty falling asleep. During the day and does not work, continue the treatment, he has been taking a lot of western medicine, including some of the hormone, but relapse have not been able to cure. To diagnosis eczema of the skin to a dark brown, and scratches and crusted, scabby skin and some have been chapped, and some parts will touch the bleeding, the patient's body emaciated, gaunt, dull color eating less, lying sleep well, due to long-term smear hormone creams, whole body most of the skin to brown, and dissemination of an unpleasant odor.


For such patients must be patient and treat carefully modulating. First acupuncture once every other day, part of the blood circulation to improve eczema, eczema gradually absorbed and reduced, and then outside washing Chinese medicine once daily anti-itch, traditional Chinese medicine ointment twice daily, softening eczema and scab, within the Chinese herb antipruritic detoxification. After two weeks, pruritus basic lift, the eczema also significantly improved, eczema narrow the color fades, eczema the skin begins to soften, the appetite of patients improved significantly, a slight recovery of color. Two weeks to continue treatment, the skin is no longer itching, eczema basically subsided, eczema at near normal skin. This patient was transferred to Hawaii to learn, before leaving, he took a month oral medicine, informed patient phone a month later, he was very happy, I feel everything is normal, and gave him opened two months of traditional Chinese medicine enhance immune function. Later, he sent me a few photos after treatment (before and after treatment photos contrast is, see, expressed his gratitude. After a year and a half, he returned to New York, specifically to the clinic to take a look, no episodes of eczema


In addition, eczema especially chronic, which need the long time treatment has not been cured, patients often lose confidence. In fact, eczema is not "incurable", it is more difficult cured because of complex disease etiology. Patients should cooperate with doctors to establish cure confidence, as much as possible to avoid all kinds of suspicious pathogenic factors, such as too hot water, excessive use of soap, hard scratching and external using the inappropriate medication. Avoid mental stress, overwork, chili, fish, shrimp, crab or tea, coffee, wine, clothing should not use silk, wool and chemical fiber products, usually maintain a smooth stool, adequate sleep, attention to the skin clean and moist in winter. In addition, during the treatment period, patients with eczema should avoid alcohol, coffee, spicy and fried food, diet should be light, eat more fruits and vegetables. Is a hot fruit durian, mango, longan, lychee, eat, in order to avoid the disease "fuel". The patient may eat the food of mung bean, melon, lotus seeds, bitter gourd, tomatoes, leeks and celery heat and dampness. These can reduce the recurrence of eczema.


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