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How to do after failed IVF?


----Dr. Decheng Chen Special for IVF failed




[NEW YORK] There are a couple who married for nine years seeking for doctors’ treatment. They have taken many years’ artificial insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF), but all failed. During the past three years, they have taken 4 times IUI and 3 times IVF, and with 6 years of taking medicine to stimulate ovulation, which has twice the implantation, but they are aborted in 4-6 weeks. After each failure, her reproductive specialists advise her to try again, but this time she doesn’t want to try for the reason that every time she must accept a large number of chemical hormone. Every time she is full of hopes but frustrated with disappointment at the end. She knows there must be something wrong with her.


For her friend’s reference, she came to Dr. Decheng Chen’s office. After four months’ acupuncture and TCM treatment and conditioning, her seventh IVF comes to a success. Now she has already got pregnant for 6 months and it shows that the baby grows well. Why do so many times of their IVF fail after they spend so many money and time and effort, but Chinese medicine conditioning support is so successful? Dr. Decheng Chen said in addition to her poor quality of follicles, the main cause is poor uterus circulation which cannot have enough blood to run into the uterus, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the uterus. Cold infertility is the main reason, so the treatment must focus on  warming the uterus and releasing the cold, as well as stimulating blood circulation and moving the Qi ( defined as energy) to significantly improve the blood supply to the uterus, enrich the endometrial nutrient and result in successful pregnant.


Since the British scholars Steptoe and Edwards’s application of IVF to accomplish the first birth of tube test baby, human assisted reproductive technology has made significant progress. The research indicated the success rate of IVF for the women of 25-35 years old is higher than average rate, even reach 50% or higher. However, the rate decreased generally for the women over 35 years old while only 20% for women of 40 years old. The average rate is about 30%, which means two third women who accept IVF come to a failure. How can they do?


Dr. Decheng said there are a lot of reasons for the failure of IVF, but the main reason is either the poor quality of follicles or the poor internal condition of uterus. The failure occurs either prior to implantation or after implantation. The reason of failure needs specific analysis. Normally the failure prior to implantation is due to the poor quality of follicles which makes it difficult to fertilize. The poor quality of a fertilized egg which is caused by the deficiency of renal function also leads to failure. The after implantation failure is mainly caused by the poor internal condition of uterus, such as uterine fibroids, polyps, or endometriosis, as well as thin endometrium and uterine poor blood circulation which lead to inadequate nutrition thus failure, which is referred as “cold uterus infertility”. Those two situation above can be treated by acupuncture and Chinese medicine and the success rate comes to 70%.


Dr. Decheng Chen, a licensed acupuncturists of NY state and MD (Acupuncture), has the Western academic background and bachelor's, master's and doctor’s degree. He has more than 11 years of formal medical education and nearly 30 years of clinical experience. As an acupuncture famous scientist Professor Qiu Maoliang doctoral students, he graduated from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and was former deputy director of the Beijing Academy of Traditional Chinese physicians. He has published "Chinese acupuncture point therapy alone" and other 15 monographs and hundreds of articles. He has visited Egypt on behalf of the country to provide the treatment of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.


Dr. Chen Decheng said in the past 3 years, he has treated a total of 68 cases of patients with failed IVF, two cases of which is are female between the age of 25 and 29 years old, 18 cases of which are between 30-34 years old, 28 cases of which are between 35 and 39 years old and 20 cases of which are more than 40 years. There are 30 cases which are prior to implantation failure and 38 cases of failure after implantation; PCOS with 12 cases, 5 cases of uterine fibroids, and 4 cases of endometriosis. Through acupuncture and medicine treatment conditioning in 1-6 months, natural pregnancy comes to 16 cases which take up to 23.5% and 32 cases of successful IVF which take up to 70.5%.


There are a couple of 42-year-old woman, who had never been pregnant. Her monthly menstruation is normal, but a very small amount. Her follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is 18.5 and estrogen (E2) is 21. At the start of IVF, though using high doses of fruit Carolina Finland (Gonal-f®) 450mg / day, there is still no sign of the growth of follicles, so she has to terminate the treatment. When infertility specialist told her that she could not give birth again and the only way is by egg donation pregnancy, she cried. She was referred by a nice person and came to our office. This couple accepted conditioning treatment at the same time. In spite of normal menstruation, accompanied with menstrual pain, there is no ovulation. This symptom is ovarian dysfunction, which is referred as kidney and blood stasis in traditional Chinese medicine category. Acupuncture is to stimulate ovarian function, improve blood circulation inside and outside the uterus. Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly to nutrition follicles and increase the blood supply to the uterus and ovaries. After three months of comprehensive treatment through acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, FSH decreased to 8.3 and E2 rose to 39. Then she started the second IVF. This time four high quality of eggs which are subject to fine intact were taken out. Two were implanted, and the other two were frozen. Then she got successful pregnancy. She got a baby boy and now the child is 7 months.


Dr. Chen Decheng has a detailed analysis of each patient IVF failure to identify the causes, such as higher aged women, ovulation suspension, or follicular dysplasia. Treatment is mainly based on nourishing the eggs, blood, and essence. For the situation of the poor uterus blood circulation, the treatment is based on the principle of blood circulation and warming the uterus and releasing the cold, such as ovarian or uterine associated with other diseases, polycystic ovarian, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc.. The treatment of primary disease are required at the same time of the physical conditioning to an optimal state of pregnancy, which greatly improves the success of IVF rate.


Dr. Chen Decheng’s physician clinics has been founded more than 10 years in Manhattan. It is now renamed as Dr. Decheng Chen’s Medical Center. The treatment of gynecological infertility is a major project. In addition, the treatment of headache, cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc and knee pain and other kinds of pain can take effect rapidly. We also provide the treatment of chronic cough, gastroenteritis, eczema and acne. The United Health Care, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, Oxford and the first health insurance card for elderly are accepted.



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