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Cough six months, three days to cure



Cough six months, three days to cure


July 2, 2013


Dr Chen:


Thank you for curing my mother's recent night coughing in the past 6 months. You cured it by performing superb acupuncture on her and prescribing herbs to be consumed before bedtime. The herbs in conjunction with a concoction of pear, Xing Ren, Chuan Bei and Bai He diet soup helped a great deal too. On Saturday my mother took a hot bath on and applied the San Fu Tie (Summer Patch) on her back afterwards which caused her to sweat a great deal. 


On Monday, I called her to ask how she was doing and she said she has not coughed anymore which was a great relief to hear. You are so amazing the way you cured her chronic coughing. Now I am finally not worried about her. 


Thank you so much!


Feng Jwu Lee










谢谢您医治好我母亲长达近半年的夜咳, 经您精湛的针灸医术,准确用药,睡前,咳嗽时一天两次。加上梨、川贝、北杏、百合食疗,再加上星期六我母亲洗了热水澡,之后帮她贴了三伏贴,贴后,背直冒汗。


星期一打电话问她夜晚还咳吗? 她说不咳了,好了! 你真是太神了,长久的夜咳三天就治好了!解除了我的担忧。




Feng Jwu Lee

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