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Acupuncture for Alopecia (Hair Loss)

Acupuncture for Alopecia (Hair Loss)



Before Treatment                    4 months treatments                6 months treatments




12 months later                      2 year later




I have suffered from "Alopecia Totalis" for about 7 years now. Medical Doctors said there is no cure for this auto immune disease. I did not want to accept this, and kept looking for a safe treatment. My treatment with Dr. Chen started in February 2007. At this point I was completely bald had no hair on my head at all, even my lashes and eyebrows were gone. Now, 4 months later, you can see my lashes are fully grown, my eyebrows are in the come up and I have a fuzzy hairgrowth almost all over my head. I call Dr. Chen the "wonder doctor with magical hands".


I will never forget or regret being treated by Dr. Chen. My parents and I are very thankful for such quick results as many people said it will not work out!!


Thank you so much Dr. Chen



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