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Correction of malposition of fetus by Moxabution Dr. Decheng Chen

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This patient female, 36 years old, she came to our office in September 2015. In that time she had have pregnancy for 35 weeks.  her gynecology doctor told her fetus was in a breech position, it is means malposition of fetus. She did not want to get a c-section so she did some research online and found that acupuncture and moxibustion could help with repositioning the fetus. Her baby was originally in the 12 `clock position and facing the wrong way. She came to the office for twice a week, after 10 treatments her fetus was moved to the correct position. The patient did not go in to labor on her due date so she came to us for acupuncture to help induce labor. She was seen on Monday and her contractions started on Thursday. 

(Note: in December 2016 because of her wrist pain treatment, just take the child together, mention the matter, and take the initiative to record this video)





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