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Bell's palsy of treatment with Acupuncture



     Before Treatment                               After Treatment


A seventy-year old man from china to the Unite State to visit his son and his family, landing plane the next day he felt muscle paralysis occurred but he doesn’t have health insurance in the United States, so he was ready to plan immediately return to China, his daughter in law recommend him to tried acupuncture, and Introduced to our clinic office. When he came to the our clinic office his situation was really so bad, we could feel he was very depress and did not assist much hope, so  he still planning go back to China. Examination found; on the right half of his face drooping, around the eyebrows are can not high, significantly lower right side, on the right amount of grain lost, incomplete eye turn a blind eye, right side of the mouth drooping, mouth twisted to the left when you smile, drum gills leak when blowing (see the two photographs before and after treatment). Old man complained: When drinking, water flows the mouth, food keep in the mouth right side, diagnosis as "Bell’s Palsy", namely Bell’s Palsy. Began acupuncture treatment, significant improvement after one week, the amount of grain began to appear on the right side, eyes closed strong, significant improvement in eating and drinking, the elderly increased confidence, decided not back to China to treat, and treatment continued here for two weeks. Total of three weeks of treatment, 14 acupuncture treatments, Bell’s Palsy recovered. The man are very satisfied, very happy. Agreed by the man, the treatment before and after the photo attached, and we share the joy of the man.

[Comment]: This medical case is not common, though facial paralysis is the main indication for acupuncture, but the elder age, poor health, and kidney transplant, perennial taking medicine, blood weakness, there is considerable treatment difficulty than young healthy blood strong, able to respond in a short time is not easy.

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