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Acupuncture for Eczema







Before (January 13, 2014)                      After (February 28, 2014)



I am a 59 years old female and have been suffering from eczema about one year, the rash was red and very itchy。It started from my feet then gradually up to my legs, my chest and my upper limbs. It was so itchy that I scratched my skin until it broke, besides this; my feet were very swollen, painful and too dry. I could not even wear my shoes, let alone walk. I had seen many western medicine doctors and dermatologists; they just treated me by giving me some steroid ointment for external use which had little to no help. Even worse was that the skin where I applied the ointment was turning black and the eczema was becoming more severe. I was very upset and disappointed. At this time I went online and learned about Dr. Chen. I learned that he has a very special therapy for eczema, not only that but there were also a lot of good feedback and comments from patients about him. I decided I would pay Dr. Chen a visit. Dr. Chen is a very nice, patient, and inquisitive doctor. His treatments were amazing, after just the first I could wear my shoes again! After 7 days treatment, I was able to walk normally! Dr. Chen’s therapies included acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese ointment, and Chinese plaster. The ointment was for daytime use, the plaster was for nighttime use. I have undergone 10 treatments, now the eczema is almost gone and the itchiness is finally relieved.




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